About Sean Snyder

Born and raised in the Greater Boston Area, Sean Snyder developed an interest in art and technology from an early age. Starting with an interest in drawing and building web pages for sharing Simpsons quotes, he would later combine these skills to pursue a career in Media Arts and Design. Sean studied Fine Arts in undergrad with a focus on Graphic Design and Digital Media, and went on to pursue his graduate degree in New Media Design and Sound Production. 

His focus has always been human centered working in public media and community organizations with the goal of supporting creative ideals and access that is beneficial to all.

I help the world look better, move better, sound better, and make more sense through design and production. I craft experiences, shape brands, articulate concepts and nurture creative talent. I push myself every day to learn more about my field, my passions, and the landscape in which I live and work.

– Sean Snyder

You can learn more about Sean on his LinkedIn Profile.